Monday, November 10, 2008 - Auction Alert for Premium .ME Domains

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You can now register your interest in premium dot ME domains.

All premium .me domains have been given a landing page, and on it is a "Domain Auction Alert" form, so you can register to be alerted when that domain is scheduled for auction.

This will come as great news to those who have been keeping a close eye on www.Domain.ME, and wondering when a schedule will be released.
All that is required now is to visit the domain you want to be alerted for, fill in the Domain Auction Alert form, and your set!

When you visit a premium dot ME site such as you will be welcomed with:

P R E M I U M D O M A I N S is a premium domain and has not yet been scheduled for release.

Followed by

Domain Auction Alert

Please inform me when domain is scheduled for auction.

Set and forget :)
(Until you are reminded by email)

Here is a link to the full list of premium dot .ME domains (Over 2,500)

Below is a sample of the premium dot-me domains you can set alerts for... (the only LL.ME avaliable)

Full list of premium .ME (Dot-ME) domains.