Thursday, October 16, 2008

The potential of .ME

With the world slowly becoming aware of Dot-Me. Domain investors, businesses and the general public alike are starting to realize the potential value of this catchy, very brand able domain extension.

With the record breaking momentum it has gained in such a short time, coupled with the countless meaningful ways "ME" can be branded and promoted into new and existing markets, makes this the most exciting TLD to ever be globally released.
The nice thing is about "ME" is that it is still a relatively unknown extension, so there are still plenty of great domains available.
The true value may not be fully realized for some time yet, but the potential future value of a catchy, easy to remember, brand able Dot-ME is enormous.

When it comes to domain extensions, Dot-com is the preferred and most recognized extension, and is by far the leader in terms of value. This is because dot-com has been there from the start and has become synonymous with the internet.
But with the global release of extensions such as .net, .org, .info, .biz, .pro, .us, .tv and now .me, I feel people are slowly starting to accept the fact, that dot-com is not the only address on the internet!

As the years pass, and all these newer domain extensions gain a bit of age, I think less value will be given to the extension of a domain and more value will be given to brand ability. In terms of brand ability, dot-ME wins hands down, and in a lot of cases outshines dot-com already.
EG: Which sounds better, catchier, easier to brand and remember...
"Wrestle com" or "Wrestle me"?
"Accepted com" or "Accepted me"?
"Insure com" or "Insure me"?
"Hug com" or "Hug Me"?

In my opinion Dot-ME is the catchiest, most personal, memorable and brand able domain extension ever to be release. And going by the record breaking sales of Dot-ME domains, so do a lot of other people.
It might pay to grab the Dot-ME's you want now, before there all gone.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Article rewrite tools: Worth there weight in excrement? Or are they just crap?

Recently I was reading a thread about duplicate content on a popular webmasters forum.

The thread starter wanted to know if Google would "punish" him for posting someone else’s article on his blog, even if he had permission and linked back to the original article.

The replies to his question, as you can imagine, were varied and speculative suggestions and opinions, as no one really knows how the Google algorithm works.

Glancing through the replies, filtering out the speculative from the informative, I came across the inevitable shameless self promotion, this reply "Warned" the thread starter that Google "DOES" punish duplicate content and then went on to recommend a/his? Article rewrite tool.

I ignored it at first, but something in the back of my mind got me thinking about how these tools work, and if the content they rewrote was any good and I also wanted to know how the content was delivered to you.

I noticed that the thread starter had quoted and thanked this person, saying that he would give it a go and what a great looking tool it was.
So out of curiosity (and nothing better to do) I decided to have a quick look and run an article through it to see how it performed.

So I headed over to Ezine and grabbed an article, found my way to the "recommended" rewrite tool and pasted in the article, clicked "generate" and just like magic! An article appeared before my eyes.


Here is the first paragraph of the Original:

Is your Xbox 360 freezing up? Before you resort to the infamous towel trick to attempt to fix your broken Xbox 360, please take a moment to inform yourself. The Xbox 360 towel trick is only meant as a temporary fix that does nothing to permanently fix the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 towel trick is dangerous! Very few people have had lasting success with this method and you can actually end up causing further damage to your system. I also do not advocate that you blindly follow some random forum poster's advice the next time you notice your Xbox 360 freeze.

Other things to consider before you tinker with your Xbox:

After using the re write tool:

Is your Xbox 360 freezing up? Afore you resort to the abominable anhydrate ambush to attack to fix your burst Xbox 360, amuse booty a moment to acquaint yourself. The Xbox 360 anhydrate ambush is alone meant as a acting fix that does annihilation to assuredly fix the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 anhydrate ambush is dangerous! Actual few bodies accept had abiding success with this adjustment and you can absolutely end up causing added accident to your system. I additionally do not apostle that you blindly chase some accidental appointment poster's admonition the abutting time you apprehension your Xbox 360 freeze.

Other things to accede afore you boggle with your Xbox:
Well it worked! I even checked the re-written article in copyscape, and yes, it passed copyscape, I was expecting it to, because I don't think anybody in there right mind would actually publish it to there website.

All it seems to have done to the original article was replace some random words with words that have a similar meaning; I was actually quite amused albeit confused at some of the chosen words.

I then began to wonder what would happen if I copied the re-written article back into the rewrite tool, would it replace the same words it replaced the first time and turn it back into the original article? Let’s try :D

After running the "re-written" article back through the rewrite tool:

Is your Xbox 360 freezing up? Afore you resort to the abhorrent anhydrate ambuscade to advance to fix your access Xbox 360, charm anatomy a moment to accustom yourself. The Xbox 360 anhydrate ambuscade is abandoned meant as a acting fix that does abolishment to actually fix the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 anhydrate ambuscade is dangerous! Actual few bodies acquire had constant success with this acclimation and you can actually end up causing added blow to your system. I additionally do not advocate that you blindly hunt some adventitious arrangement poster's admonition the abutting time you alarm your Xbox 360 freeze.

Other things to accept afore you amaze with your Xbox:
ROTFLMAO. What an absolute shocker.

I laughed so hard I spat coffee all over the floor... excuse me while I go and get an anhydrate to wipe it up with.
Well, was I surprised at the results? Nope, not at all. Was I amused? Hell yes! Funniest article I have read in a long time.

To sum it up, If you decide to rewrite an article with one of those article rewrite (more like regurgitate) tools, then if Google does not punish you, I am sure your visitors will ;)

I do not think Google will punish someone for adding the odd previously published article to there site, as long as you have permission to do so (and link to the original).
Some article directories let you do this.

Sometimes you can use other articles to give you inspiration, direction and/or ideas on what to base your article on... you can even quote paragraphs from other articles (with a link back) in your own and write why you agree or disagree with the author.

Always remember to give credit where credit is due.

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