Thursday, October 16, 2008

The potential of .ME

With the world slowly becoming aware of Dot-Me. Domain investors, businesses and the general public alike are starting to realize the potential value of this catchy, very brand able domain extension.

With the record breaking momentum it has gained in such a short time, coupled with the countless meaningful ways "ME" can be branded and promoted into new and existing markets, makes this the most exciting TLD to ever be globally released.
The nice thing is about "ME" is that it is still a relatively unknown extension, so there are still plenty of great domains available.
The true value may not be fully realized for some time yet, but the potential future value of a catchy, easy to remember, brand able Dot-ME is enormous.

When it comes to domain extensions, Dot-com is the preferred and most recognized extension, and is by far the leader in terms of value. This is because dot-com has been there from the start and has become synonymous with the internet.
But with the global release of extensions such as .net, .org, .info, .biz, .pro, .us, .tv and now .me, I feel people are slowly starting to accept the fact, that dot-com is not the only address on the internet!

As the years pass, and all these newer domain extensions gain a bit of age, I think less value will be given to the extension of a domain and more value will be given to brand ability. In terms of brand ability, dot-ME wins hands down, and in a lot of cases outshines dot-com already.
EG: Which sounds better, catchier, easier to brand and remember...
"Wrestle com" or "Wrestle me"?
"Accepted com" or "Accepted me"?
"Insure com" or "Insure me"?
"Hug com" or "Hug Me"?

In my opinion Dot-ME is the catchiest, most personal, memorable and brand able domain extension ever to be release. And going by the record breaking sales of Dot-ME domains, so do a lot of other people.
It might pay to grab the Dot-ME's you want now, before there all gone.

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