Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Google confirms toolbar PR will remain.


After Google removed the PR distribution from Webmaster tools last week, there has been much debate about whether the toolbar PR will be removed as well. Good arguments for and against have been raised, but Google get to have the final say.

Well less than an hour ago, Google employee Susan Moskwa returned to the thread with this comment.
Hey folks,

Re: Toolbar: My impression is that PageRank in Toolbar is aimed more at the casual browser of sites who wants to get a general feel for the authority of a page. For this reason many people still believe we should leave it in Toolbar. Toolbar isn't primarily aimed at site owners who are looking for precise & reliable metrics that they can judge their site by or make decisions by. That's one reason it made sense to remove it from Webmaster Tools, which is designed specifically for site owners in a way that Toolbar is not. Personally I would love to see us remove PR from the Toolbar, but mine is not the only opinion in Google and the folks I have most contact with--site owners--aren't the only users or stakeholders of Toolbar.
So like it or not, it seems like its here to stay.


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