Friday, June 25, 2010

Australia finally gets the Google Nexus One

On Friday 25th June 2010, just before the close of business, Vodafone Australia confirmed they are getting ready to sell the Google Nexus One. Over 5 months after its US debut.

Release date and price/plan/contract details have not yet been announced, but VHA have said more details, including timing and availability will be announced next week.

UPDATE: 30th June.
Vodafone have now announced via twitter that...
We will be releasing the Nexus One online only tomorrow, there is short supply so be quick.
More information is available on the Vodafone site Including this gem...

The Nexus One will be available from 01 July 2010 Thursday for $0 upfront on the 79 Cap over 24 months (Total min cost $1896).
The Nexus One will be available exclusively to new and existing Vodafone customers by visiting the site or calling 1300 303 130.

Vodafone have also stated in their twitter feed, that the N1 will not be available in stores, or as an outright purchase.

One part of their "Terms and Conditions" that seems odd (or wrong), is the bit that says "Unlocking fee applies".
lol. The Nexus One is not carrier specific, so is not locked to any carrier, therefore an "Unlocking fee" should not be necessary. I have asked them via twitter how they can charge to unlock a phone that's not locked, will update if/when I get a response.

Got a response, They said

The phone is unlocked and comes with no unlocking fee.

So if your in the market for an N1 and you don't mind been stuck on a contract for 2 years, are already, or don't mind paying $79 a month, then your in luck (you can get it from here tomorrow).
However, I still think that its a better deal to buy directly from Google (At least while the Google store is still open). That way your not tied into a two year contract and can choose any plan from any carrier, especially at a time when more and more data intensive devices are becoming available and new plans are emerging or are being tailored to devices like this. IMHO.

For those you that were over the waiting game and thinking about importing your own, it may pay to wait till Vodafone reveal more details next week.
For those of you that bit the bullet and imported one when the first came out, hope your still enjoying it as much as I am :)


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