Friday, May 15, 2009

Google's Country Specific Domains

While looking at the new layout/design of Google's Webmaster tools, I noticed that the drop down list of Google TLD's provided for the "Top search queries" stats, had a lot more Country specific TLD's added. I hadn't noticed any changes in the list before the new layout/design, so I assume that this is new for WMT's. (Webmaster tools)

Looking at the list, I was surprised at how many there were. I didn't even know half of these extensions existed, and to be honest, I hadn't heard of some of the Countries in the drop down list either.

(Catalan Linguistic and Cultural Community)
(American Samoa)
(Antigua and Barbuda)
(Bosnia and Herzegovina)
(Congo, Democratic Republic of the)
(Costa Rica)
(Côte d'Ivoire)
(Czech Republic)
(Dominican Republic)
(El Salvador)
(Hong Kong)
(New Zealand)
(Palestine) *
(Puerto Rico)
(San Marino)
(Saudi Arabia)
(South Africa)
(South Korea)
(Sri Lanka)
(Trinidad and Tobago)
(United Arab Emirates)
(United Kingdom)
(United States)
(Virgin Islands, U.S.)

I found and added one Google TLD that was missing from the WMT's list (
I am not sure how complete this list is, but thought I would post it anyway.
Will add any others as I discover them, If you know of any that are missing from this list, please leave a comment and I will add them.



  1. They added another, (Palestine)

  2. Thanks a ton .. Tat was really helpful..

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